Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 21: Jan 18-22 ...and a BIRTHDAY!!!!

Nathan turned 12 years old yesterday!!!!!   YAY!!!  We are celebrating with a Chuck E Cheese party next Saturday with his cousin, Justin, who is 11 days younger than Nathan.

We jumped right back into our regular schedule on Monday.  So good to be on track again!  Nathan wasn't as happy as I since he was a little behind.  I had to really stay on him to keep him working.  Between the holidays and then two weeks of sickness in the house, I imagined it would take a bit of re-adjusting.  Kaleb had a few problems getting motivated too, but we all managed and accomplished quite a bit.

I am working more and more with Gabriel who will turn four in May.  He is such a SPONGE!!!  I love it!! We had a lot of fun this week.  I posted about his great week with the letter Ii.  Kaleb is featured on that post since he likes to do some of the fun crafts and projects that Gabriel does.  Baby Drake even made the blog this week on Gabriel's post as well!!

Pictures!! You'll notice that I started out with a bang on taking pictures.....the first day.  :)  Forgot to pick up the camera much after that.

A very happy 12 year old!!  He asked and asked for a laptop.  Just a couple of weeks ago, a friend was getting rid of his daughter's old one since she got a brand new one for Christmas.  I think a nice, well-loved, gently-used laptop is perfect for the 12 year old!!

Just because he is SO cute.

Kaleb practicing matching numbers with words.


More on Gabriel and a bit on Kaleb can be found *HERE*.


  1. Happy Birthday, Nathan! We share a birthday! I'm three times older than you though. LOL.

    Sounds like a wonderful week. I love seeing the pictures of cute little pink cheeks and hard workers.

    I'd have a hard time getting motivated after two weeks also. ;-)

  2. Happy B'day to your big guy!

    Loved the photos- laptops, planets, and pattern blocks! Oh, my. How fun. I also like the number matching. I really need to do that for Spanish.

  3. Happy B'day, Nathan! Looks like you had a great week. Your boys are cuties!