Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mama's Mission: Sept 2010

Mission of the Month
When I saw Mama Jenn's new Mama's Mission post, I knew I had to join!  I have already been working on this in small ways since July so why not make it official and public to help hold me accountable? 

{I promise not all mission post will be so long but I'd like to give a little background.}

My biggest decision this summer was to get my house completely organized. I have made much progress and learned that this isn't something that will happen overnight. I realize this is a long-term process.  It wasn't going to happen in a month...or two.   However, I am SO pleased with what I have accomplished.  My husband notices, the boys notice, and I notice. 

My first goal was to completely organized all of our school stuff.....books, workbooks, office supplies, art supplies, games, activity bags....everything.  And I had very little space to do it.  I managed to get it done and I can't believe how much easier our homeschool day goes just because of simple organization. 

"Mom, where's my....?" questions get definite concrete answer instead of the usual "I don't know...let's look for it."  A great achievement in our home!

So to follow, my mission for the month of September two-fold:
  • keep our school organized.  The hardest part of being organized is just simply staying organized.  This is my biggest goal for Sept.  Make it a habit for not only myself but my boys and husband (who seems to be a natural when it comes to this stuff).  The biggest part to this is simply putting things back where they belong, instead of throwing it on the bar, table, or bookcase to be put away later.

  • continue organizing the house.  Next on my list is the kitchen.  I need to not only re-organize everything, but also purge and deep clean.  I'm going to take it in sections since our schedule in Sept is so busy.  I don't want to overwhelm myself.  First I'm tackling the pots and pans cabinets.  Then the foodstuff cabinets (which you can imagine with four kids is most of used cabinet space in the kitchen).  Next will be the baking, spices, and dry condiments cabinet.  On to the dishes, bowls, glasses, etc cabinets.  And last will be the top of the refrigerator amd under the sink.  That is five different sections and if I combine the last two, I have one mini-mission a week for September!  Actually I already started today.....there are a lot of extras, doubles, unused items sitting on my curb right now for give-away.  I love that in this neighborhood, free stuff doesn't last long.  I'm sure everything will be gone by the evening.
So that's my Mama Mission of the Month!!  Wish me luck!! :)  Click on the button above to read about more missions for the month of September.


  1. Christie, thanks for joining in!!! I totally know what you mean about getting organized!!! That is my September Mission as well!!! :-)

  2. that sounds like a great plan!

  3. have fun organizing! all the best with the mission!!