Friday, August 20, 2010

Tot School: Week 2 Drake (29 months)

Tot School

My Draker boy LOVES these simple little activities!  He has played with them every day since I made them!

I brought out this color matching game and he had a blast!  He doesn't know all of the colors yet (actually he only really knows pink....and I"m not sure why) but we had fun!  He picked one up, showed me, I told him the color and then he matched the clothespin with the paper plate!

He had to do a little pre-writing practice with his big brother, Gabriel! :)

We played with the lacing beads some this week too! 

Thursday was spent at the park for a NOT back to school pool party with our homeschool group!  We had a picnic and then walked over to the pool area for a couple hours of waterfun!

He really enjoyed this week!

You can read about Nathan and Kaleb's week *HERE* and Gabriel's week *HERE*.


  1. He did a great job with his "writing!" My tot just scribble all over whatever I give her. LOL

  2. I love the pictures on the train! Very fun!

    Visiting you from Tot School!

  3. Love the color matching clothespin idea! What a cute little guy! :)

  4. Those simple activities are my little ones favorite, too! It doesn't take much to keep them having fun. :)

  5. At half your sons age, my tot just wants to dump the pompoms OUT and doesn't want to put them back in yet, but it still keeps her entertained watching me pick them up 30 times a day too ;)