Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fun activities!!

These cool printables came from in the homeschool bible lesson section. Lessons ABCD are free. These bees and beehives will be used for a math game and a phonics game....when I get them cut out! =)

Upside down fruit loops graph!! Fun learning snack time!!
Here are three seperate activities. The first is a domino fact families activity. The second is an activity for preschool MEP math users that I found in the MEP yahoo group files. The third is a really cool M&M graph activity!
All of the pages are laminated so we can use them over and over again!!

This little game is a color match game. I cut out the inside of some paper plates (only so they would fit nicely in a ziplock bag, painted the middle and five clothespins each. Gabriel has already enjoyed playing this little game.

All of these games and printables came from different sources. I've had them printed for a while, but didn't laminate them until recently. I'll have to dig through my files and see where I found them if anyone is interested.

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  1. Hi there... I bumped into your blog doing a search for homeschool+breakfast board. I can't beelieve you hardly have any comments because you're doing a great job here!

    I would like more details on the bee game and I poked around Danniellesplace but couldn't find the free printout. Could you give me a direct link?

    Thanks so much,