Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday Swap!!!

Last month the boys and I signed up for the Muffin Tin Monday Swap.  We had fun picking out some things for my swap partner, Arwen, and got it all mailed off this past Saturday.  I decided that I'm not sure which is more fun.....waiting for the package from my partner or waiting for her to receive our package!

On Monday we received a package from my partner.  Now we were asked to give a wish list and since we are new to MTMs, I suggested maybe a *starter package* of some sort.  I was BLOWN AWAY by the contents.

*A muffin tin each for my four boys
*cookie cutters
*Dino sandwich cutter
*mini and regular size cupcake holders
*little pirate swords
*party picks
*chopsticks (this got a huge "YES" from my oldest!!)
*heart shaped sauce holders
*little hors d'oeuvre forks
*CUTE HANDMADE Lego muffin "coasters" (I think she called them something else but I can't remember!! lol) to decorate the bottom of muffin tins!
*TONS of HANDMADE food picks personalized with my children's favorites: sports, Go Diego Go, cars, LEGOS.  
*a ziplock bento box for my oldest
*BONUS basketball craft for each boy!
*and BONUS craft ribbon for ME!

Below are a couple close up pics of the handmade items.  The last one is a little blurry.  My camera battery was running low.

I canNOT wait for the next MTM......our first!!!  
Thank you SO much, Arwen!!!


  1. What a wonderful collection of stuff!

  2. What fun stuff!! Can't wait to see what you do with it!!

  3. Wow! Holey Moley, Arwen hooked you up! Isn't she nice?

    I love all of the handmade stuff too! so neat!

  4. That's an awesome starter package! Love the handmade stuff. So creative! Neat!

  5. Wow, what a great selection of things! I can't wait to see your first MTM!

  6. Wow, how cool! You are off to a great start now...looking forward to seeing your MTM creations :-) I love those homemade pics!

  7. Wow! Great stuff! Clever ideas in there.

  8. i love the lego men and the stop signs and the muffin tin flag is my favorite.. Now I am going homemade...

  9. I can't wait to see your muffin tins tomorrow. (We used our teddy bears yesterday, but I forgot to take a picture.)

  10. You had a great swap partner! Those homemade picks are so fun.

  11. What a great package! It had such wonderful things in it.