Sunday, June 19, 2011

My memory board!

So this is what I started with: an old calendar board that we haven't used in forever, pretty fabric, pretty ribbon, stapler, scissors, and batting.  Not pictured are the hammer and small nails I used just to make sure the fabric was secured well.

This is the poor empty space above my laptop on my desk.  The dark brown sides are the shelves on either side.  You can see how I've been displaying my favorite things.

After I stapled the batting and fabric on to the board, it was time for the ribbon.  I'd show you the back but it's a mess! :)

 Can you see the glitter?  It's IN the fabric!  I ran my hand across it several times but it never came off....I'm in LOVE!

The finished project!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my memory board!!  I'm looking for cutie push pins in the same bright teal color as the fabric to secure the ribbon at the crosses.  Even though I pulled as hard as I could on the ribbon, it is still a little loose.
I have a cutie little plague that matches to hang above the board. 

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